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Exhibitions 2022


Original vintage prints and documents from the Italian Mondo Movies '58 - '74

Curated by Matteo Giacomelli

The exhibition AI LIMITI DEL MONDO. Original vintage prints and documents from the Italian  Mondo Movies '58 - '74 presents in the Spazio e Immagini studio - gallery in Bologna a selection of 30 rare original  vintage  prints of both sets and off-sets as well as a series of documents from the main Italian  Mondo Movies.

This is a reconnaissance of the limits of vision played out between photography and film. The Mondo Movies, a cinematographic genre born in Italy in the 50s and 60s, halfway between documentary and investigative journalism, offer themselves as a privileged territory to sound out the limits of the represented image, touching on the themes of morality, lawfulness and verisimilitude that inflamed public opinion at  the time and that remain, despite the years that have passed, extremely topical.

In this exhibition, the original vintage photos of Mondo Movies, beyond the authors who took them, are the real protagonists. Their content, sometimes carnal and sometimes cannibalistic, makes them bearers of truth and sheds light on the unknown, the hidden  and the strange.

On display are original vintage photographs and documents from the following  films:

“Europa di Notte” ( 1958 ), “Il Mondo di Notte” ( 1960 ), “Le Orientali” ( 1960 ), “Sexy” (1962), “Sexy al Neon” ( 1962 ), “Mondo Cane” ( 1962 ),

“Mondo Cane 2” ( 1963 ), “Questo Mondo Proibito” ( 1963 ),

“Notti Nude” ( 1963 ), “Mondo Infame” ( 1963 ), “I Malamondo” (1964 ), “Tentazioni Proibite” ( 1965 ), “Africa Addio” ( 1966 ), “Africa Segreta” ( 1969 ), “Nel Labirinto del sesso / Psychidion” ( 1969 ), “Il Dio sotto la  Pelle” ( 1974 ), “Nuova Guinea l'Isola dei Cannibali” ( 1974 ).



                        RE - OPENING: SEPTEMBER 6  - 30, 2022


                THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY: H. 10.00 - 12.30 / 16.00 - 19.00




100+1 artist postcards 1978 - 2022


Curated By Matteo Giacomelli

The exhibition presents in the Spazio e Immagini gallery in Bologna a selection of rare artist’s postcards by Marcello Diotallevi during his fifty-year career between Visual Poetry and Mail Art.

This is the first wide-ranging inquiry of Diotallevi's underground and offstream activity. At the end of the 70s he joined the group of italian Visual Poetry and during the 80s and 90s he practiced the network of creative correspondence of Mail Art. It is an intriguing research in the name of one of the last strands of the avant-garde refractory to classifications and yet to be fully explored, addressed through the form of the minimal but not ephemeral medium of the postcard.

Today the name of Marcello Diotallevi can rightly be counted in a supranational perspective that sees him alongside Anna Banana, Bill Gaglione, Chuck Welch (Crackerjack Kid), Vittore Baroni and others, who have offered relevant contributions to this transversal avant-garde.

From the collection of more than 100 postcards by Marcello Diotallevi on display, some were born as autonomous works, while others were conceived by the artist to respond to an informative function regarding his own exhibition activity. What emerges is a portrait made of colored paper tiles that gives body to Diotallevi's entire disseminating and somewhat dissipative poetics from the end of the 1970s to today, 2022. Inside there is all or almost all of the poetic universe of Diotallevi: gestural writing and the cycle of Fairy Tales in the Wind in the form of kites, interpersonal relationships and friendships, eros seen as a creative force and as lusus, the practice of the network implemented before the web and colorful aesthetics of Post-Modern graphics. Last but not least, the chronicle of Covid 19, all obviously in the form of a postcard. A self-portrait of an artist to be grasped in fragments or in the round.


Marcello Diotallevi (1942), lived in Rome from 1946 to 1974 where,

for a decade, worked as a restorer at the Restoration Laboratory in the Vatican.

In those years his artistic activity also began in the name of restlessness. As a painter

first, then as a sculptor - in the early seventies -, then for a while he dealt with graphics and finally

start writing. At the end of the seventies, began his engagement into the Mail Art and Visual Poetry. In over forty years of constant activity he has collaborated with his interventions in

national and international books and magazines. He has set up personal exhibitions in major Italian cities and

abroad, while participating in collective exhibitions around the world. He is part of the group

of artistic intervention "I metanetworker in spirit".

He mainly deals with Visual Poetry, Mail Art, installations and artist's books. He is the author of the

cover of the Guide to the Musée National d’Art Moderne-Center Georges Pompidou in Paris

(Hazan Editeur, 1983). In 2007 he was invited to the 52nd Venice Biennale, Collateral Events, “Camera

312 – promemoria per Pierre ". He figures in the Storia Italiana dell’Arte del Novecento. Generazione anni Quaranta by Giorgio Di Genova, Edizioni Bora, Bologna 2007.

His works and artist books are featured in The Ruth and Marvin Suckner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry of the University of Iowa, the Getty Reasearch Institute and the Beinecke Library, among others. He has lived in Fano since 1974.

EXHIBITION: 15 January 2022 - 19 February 2022

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday and wednesday: 4 pm - 7  pm
                                 Thursday, friday and saturday: 10 am - 12.30 pm / 4 pm - 7 pm. IT IS ADVISABLE, HOWEVER, TO  MAKE AN APPOINTMENT

Marcello Diotallevi Santification, 1969.
Mostra Marcello Diotallevi, 2022.
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