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Exhibitions 2024 

 AUTOARCHITHERAPY. Architectural Thoughts/Drawings by Ugo La Pietra 1963 - 1990

Curated by Matteo Giacomelli

The exhibition AUTOARCHITHERAPY. Architectural Thoughts/Drawings by Ugo La Pietra 1963 - 1990 presents, in Spazio e Immagini studio gallery based  in Bologna, 22 architectural drawings by the author which cover a time span of approximately 30 years and which reflect his ongoing practice up to the present day.

This is an in-depth investigation into the drawing practice of Ugo La Pietra, a radical architect and artist, starting from his debut in the early sixties up to his maturity in the nineties of the twentieth century.

In this broad period of time, drawing, experienced by the author as an essential act of making architecture, proceeds without interruption with thought, engaging in a continuous progression of themes over  the decades. These are drawings and sketches, which it would be right to define as croquis, that is, models executed on a smaller scale than the work with a minimum number of strokes left in ink on paper.


Works on display:

Progetto Ristrutturazione Museo Città di Milano (1963), Centro Direzionale (1965), 

Dalla serie “Tuberie “(1965), Dalla serie “Tuberie” (1965), Architettura per Collocazione Opere Scultoree di Marchese, Benevelli e Azuma (1965), Studio di edificio residenziale (1965), Dalla serie “Tuberie”: Planimetria e Assonometria (1965), Struttura Alberghiera (1965), Struttura Alberghiera (1966), Edificio Pubblico (1970), 4 Studi per Monumento Funebre (1978), Villa (1978), Case Mediterranee (1978), Centro di Ricerca (1978), Villa Mediterranea (1980), Albergo (1980), Architettura/Scultura (1980), Grande

Stabilimento Marino, (1984), Centro Fieristico (1985), Due Grattacieli, (1988), Villa al Mare (1990), Territori (2023) 


OPENING: 20th April 2024 h. 4.00pm

EXHIBITION: 20th April 2024 - 25th May 2024

TIME: Tuesday - Wednesday h. 4.00pm -7.00 pm Thursday - Friday - Saturday: h. 10.00am – 12.30pm/ 4.00pm – 7.00pm Or by appointment

 Ugo La Pietra Autoarchiterapia
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