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Marcello Diotallevi - Artist                          Postcards

Special collection of more than 100 artist postcards by Marcello Diotallevi from the 80s to 2022. These artist postcards created in limited edition have been conceived by Marcello Diotallevi as autonomous artworks or to give informations about his exhibitions.
The postcards enlight the whole poetic of the artist: from gestual writing to cycle of Fiabe al Vento, from interpersonal relationships to the Network of Mail Art before Internet, to the theme of eros and postmodern graphics. 
Postcards printed typographically or in serigraphy.

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Marcello Diotallevi (1942), lived in Rome from 1946 to 1974 where,
for a decade, worked as a restorer at the Restoration Laboratory in the Vatican.
In those years his artistic activity also began in the name of restlessness. As a painter first, then as a sculptor - in the early seventies -, then for a while he dealt with graphics and finally start writing. At the end of the seventies, began his engagement into the Mail Art and Visual Poetry.
In over forty years of constant activity he has collaborated with his interventions in national and international books and magazines. He has set up personal exhibitions in major Italian cities and abroad, while participating in collective exhibitions around the world. He is part of the group of artistic intervention "I metanetworker in spirit".
He mainly deals with Visual Poetry, Mail Art, installations and artist's books. He is the author of the cover of the Guide to the Musée National d’Art Moderne-Center Georges Pompidou in Paris
(Hazan Editeur, 1983). In 2007 he was invited to the 52nd Venice Biennale, Collateral Events, “Camera 312 – promemoria per Pierre ". He figures in the Storia Italiana dell’Arte del Novecento. Generazione anni Quaranta by Giorgio Di Genova, Edizioni Bora, Bologna 2007.
His works and artist books are featured in The Ruth and Marvin Suckner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry of the University of Iowa, the Getty Reasearch Institute and the Beinecke Library, among others. He has lived in Fano since 1974.

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