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Spazio e Immagini gallery
Spazio e Immagini gallery
 Original vintage prints


Spazio e Immagini was born in  Bologna in 2017 as a place devoted to photography and Images for photo collectors and photo lovers from an idea of Matteo Giacomelli, art historian and filmmaker.

The gallery focuses on original vintage photos ( original vintage prints) on the following subjects :  Dolce Vita and Paparazzi Photographyi in Rome 50s - 60s, Cinema ( Set Photos, Film Stills, Specials and Cinema Portraits) 40s - 70s, Photojournalism 30s - 70s, Radical Architecture/ Architettura Radicale, Counterculture. Original documents and Ephemera (flyers from the 60s and 70s, creative sheets, posters, etc.)

The gallery offers a selection of Vernacular Photos from 19th century to the 80s.


Spazio e Immagini is always in search of new archives

 ( photos and documents) to acquire .


Spazio e Immagini distributes all the  documentaries on Radical Architecture 

( Adolfo Natalini 1000 Disegni per un'Architettura, Superstudio o la Mossa del Cavallo, Ugo La Pietra il Disequilibrista, Riccardo Dalisi le Regole della Libertà, Franco Summa Cittadino dell'Arcobaleno) produced by Emmegiprod

( ) for film screenings for Cultural Institutions, Museums, Universities etc.,  as well as the use of the entire Emmegiprod archive of film stills and photographs devoted to  Architettura Radicale  and largely unpublished.

To inquire about photos and collections availability and price  please contact. 


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