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Graphic / Counterculture /   Ephemera

A/ TRAVERSO. FOGLIO CREATIVO, Bologna 1976-1980.
One of the most important  Foglio Creativo of the italian Counterculture of the 70s with a striking and innovative graphic design with wide use of cut up and photomontage as in punk graphics of the same years.
Collection of 14 issues available.

Contact for info and availability.

ALFREDO JAAR, complete series of 15 original posters with striking graphic impact edited for the public art project held in Milan, QUESTIONS QUESTIONS, IT IS DIFFICULT, 2008.

Contact for info and availability.

A selection of 36 LEAFLETS'60s-'70s from a collection of 400 leaflets mainly focused on the STUDENTS MOVEMENTS in Bologna, analizing the main political italian events of the  the "Anni di Piombo". Rare and important collection of ephemera that reveals a surprising vitality of graphical forms and involvement from different political perspectives.  

Contact for additional info and availability.

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