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Marcello Diotallevi-Artist's                    Stamp Sheets

Complete collection of 23 Artist's Stamp Sheets by Marcello Diotallevi made from 1984 to 2022. This is the entire production of Artist Stamps made by Marcello Diotallevi during his fifty-year career between Visual Poetry and Mail Art. Marcello Diotallevi faces, through the minimal form of the postage stamp, another aspect of his offstream poetics developed through the exchanges of Creative Correspondence. In the 23 artist's stamp sheets played between individual mythology and collective celebrations, the entire poetic universe of Diotallevi takes place formalized between word and image between Counterculture and Post Modern. It is an exploration to discover the mysterious and intriguing territory of artists' stamps, a place of ideality rather than reality, built under the banner of the practice of creative collaboration and poetry.

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